QUENCH by CoCoBella Natural

QUENCH Triple Threat Conditioning Treatment was formulated to help aide in reaching hair hydration goals.


QUENCH is a multi-purpose product and is not texture/type discriminate. It is perfect for all hair types and works well with curly, straight and color treated hair.


QUENCH has been tested and proven to be compatible with several creams, gels, custards, and mousse styling products, without creating a film, crunchy cast or flakes.

No Harsh Ingredients

QUENCH is free from harsh ingredients such as parabens, silicones, sulfates, mineral oils, phthalates and drying alcohol. It is also cruelty free.

About CoCoBella Natural’s QUENCH

QUENCH Triple Threat Conditioning Treatment was formulated to help aide in reaching hair hydration goals. Each natural and organic ingredient was hand selected and put together to create a blend of moisture infusing properties. Together they soften and strengthen hair. They help to repair dry and brittle hair. They combat chronic dryness and breakage and aide in length retention.


Customer Feedback

Here is what our customers are saying about QUENCH Triple Threat Conditioning Treatment
Vallen C.

Vallen C.

When I opened the jar, my first thought was “this smells yummy”. I was surprised by the creamy, whipped texture. It was very light. I used the QUENCH in all three of the recommended ways. When I put it on my hands and rubbed it into my hair, it was a nice light texture. It easily absorbed into my hair.

Yumica T.

Yumica T.

I love the consistency and the sweet pleasant smell of QUENCH. The smell was light and not overpowering. The slip was Amazing. QUENCH was very silky, and I loved that. While QUENCH was in my hair it was super easy to detangle. I also used QUENCH as a leave-in conditioner and my hair loves it.

LaDawn S.

LaDawn S.

QUENCH melted into my hair and spread throughout my hair very easily. My hair felt soft and smooth. I could visibly see the difference in my hair. I felt like QUENCH was adding moisture to my hair while using it and I saw a difference from what my roots looked like before and after using it as a deep conditioner.

Shaina W.

Shaina W.

As a deep conditioner, I applied QUENCH and steamed with a plastic cap for 20 minutes and OMGness, my hair was so smooth and hydrated. When I rinsed QUENCH out, my hair felt smooth, silky, and tangle free. It felt good. I felt like QUENCH was absolutely adding moisture to my hair.

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